Discover how to create your own JavaScript runtime using the same components as in the Node.js and learn the relationship between Libuv, V8 engine and the C++ bridge.

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You will have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of Node.js and discover how to extract the maximum potential from the language. Understanding its limitations and extensions is fundamental, such as the addition of C++ code for interoperability with JavaScript.

With this knowledge, you can better investigate new runtime options such as Deno, Bun, and others, and understand the advantages they offer compared to Node.js.

Furthermore, since this content is unique on the internet, you will gain valuable experience that can help you choose programming languages better in future projects, as well as choose between multithreaded or event-driven programming models.

Although setting up the development environment can be challenging, compiling all C++ libraries and turning them into binaries, making them available to be called via JavaScript, this ebook will certainly bring great benefits to your programming career.

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What you will find in this material:

Learn about the execution model of Node.js;

Understand what a JavaScript runtime is;

Learn about the main components used in building Node.js;

Understand the difference between Deno, Bun, and Node.js;

How to create a bridge between JavaScript and native C++ functions;

Understand how Libuv is executed to manage asynchronous events;

Create your own JavaScript runtime that can execute JavaScript code, create timeouts, and read files;

Understand how to create setTimeout and setInterval that we commonly use in JavaScript;

Understand how to create a cross-platform app creation platform like React Native using the same concepts.

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Get to know about Erick Wendel

Erick Wendel works as a professional trainer and performance engineer and has trained more than 100K people around the world as a professional instructor and content producer at his own company

He has won software competitions in Brazil (AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: São Paulo 07/2017) and in Silicon Valley (DeveloperWeek SF Hackathon 03/2019).

He is a Node.js core committer, part of the Tolling Working Group, and working to improve the Node.js core by fixing bugs, improving code coverage, and implementing new ideas.

He is also an active international speaker, a contributor to Open Source, and a strong content contributor to the global software community.

He has been recognized with all relevant awards for Software Development with GoogleDevExpert, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Stars in Node.js.

He has already given more than 100 talks in almost 10 different countries and worked as a consultant focused on app performance and software architecture in large companies in Brazil.

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