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Learn the Node.js' most powerful feature for processing data on-demand, the Node.js Streams.

A practical guide for you to learn how to process large loads of data on demand, such as processing videos, audio, integrations between systems, databases, and more using the powerful Node.js Streams.

You will be able to overcome and avoid problems of:



High cost servers

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You will learn in practice how to build and test complex projects at scale by:

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Understanding the difference between Web Streams and Node.js Streams.

Creating E2E and Unit tests when using Node.js Streams;

Using multiprocesses and multithreading in Node.js;

Seeding and consuming multimedia data on demand such as video and audio.

Processing terabytes of files;

This advanced content was made for you who are already a mid-level or senior developer and want to become a JavaScript expert.

A teaching methodology assured by more than 100K students around the world.

What will you learn?


- What are JavaScript events
- Project - Using the Observer Pattern in practice - Payments in Ecommerces use case

Node.js Streams API

- Buffers: The Key concept behind Streams

- What are Streams and Stream Types

- Node.js Streams in Practice - Readable, Writable, and Transform Streams

- What are Duplex Streams - Transform and PassThrough

- Understanding the difference between streams API .pipe and pipeline

- Project - Working with csvtojson: handling huge csv files

Node.js Streams New API

- Async Iterators, Generator Functions, and on-demand processing

- Working with Streams Operators - Stream.Filter, - Stream.Map and others

- Error Handling + Aborting Async Operations

- Project - Consuming Web APIs with Node.js Streams

Web Streams

- Differences between Node.js Streams and Web Streams (WHATWG)

- Project - Communicating Backend and frontend with Node.js streams


Advanced Node.js Streams

- Node.js Streams Backpressure

- Memory leaks and performance

Final Project - Spotify Radio Clone

- Setting up the project structure

- Setting up Tests suites

- Processing audio streams on-demand

- Implementing e2e tests and challenges

- Implementing audio multiplexing

- Implementing the transmission controller

- Deploying the project on Heroku

Next Steps

- What's next?


The Mastering Node.js Streams won't be boring and confusing training as we've seen often out there.

Keeping the tradition for all my training courses, I'll do something that my Brazilian students love:

I'll build this training focused on what my students need most and what they wish this course could be.

This way I can build something custom towards your needs, and what you really want to learn, avoiding it being just a course that you watch the first class and never come back again.

In the platform, you'll receive a link for our exclusive community channel and will have the two modules already recorded and available to watch.

However, the next classes and modules will be gradually released according to your suggestions and feedback you'd give on our community so you can be part of this.

As I said, this training course is special. It'll be focused on what the people who registered for the first season really want to know and most struggle with about Node.js Streams.

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Get to know about Erick Wendel

Erick Wendel works as a professional trainer and performance engineer and has trained more than 100K people around the world as a professional instructor and content producer at his own company

He has won software competitions in Brazil (AngelHack Global Hackathon Series: São Paulo 07/2017) and in Silicon Valley (DeveloperWeek SF Hackathon 03/2019).

He is a Node.js core committer, part of the Tolling Working Group, and working to improve the Node.js core by fixing bugs, improving code coverage, and implementing new ideas.

He is also an active international speaker, a contributor to Open Source, and a strong content contributor to the global software community.

He has been recognized with all relevant awards for Software Development with GoogleDevExpert, Microsoft MVP, and GitHub Stars in Node.js.

He has already given more than 100 talks in almost 10 different countries and worked as a consultant focused on app performance and software architecture in large companies in Brazil.

More than 100K students worldwide

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Final Project - Spotify Radio Clone

You'll create a final project to implement all knowledge you've gained during the course.

You're gonna implement the Spotify Radio Clone. A project where you will reproduce, edit and merge audio streams on-demand.

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